Mathematics Curriculum Resources



  • The Mathematics Standards (Link)
  • Standards for Mathematical Practice (Link)
  • Overview of the Content and Practice Standards  (Link)
  • Key Points of the Common Core Standards  (Link)

The content specifications were developed by SBAC to ensure that the assessments cover the range of knowledge and skills in the Common Core State Standards. Once finalized, the content specifications will serve as the basis for the Smarter Balanced system of assessments.

In the December 9, 2011 draft, see pages 60-67 for the test emphases. 

  • Major clusters (m) will comprise about 70% of tests. 
  • Additional clusters (a) comprise about 20% of tests.
  • Supporting clusters (s) comprise about 10% of tests.  

Tools for the Common Core (Link)

Blog of Bill McCollum.  Bill is the Math Team Coordinator for the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and a professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Arizona.   

The Illustrative Mathematics Project (Link)

This site illustrates the range and types of mathematical work that students are expected to experience under the common core.  

Features include: 

  • drill down through categories and domains to standards
  • explore problems, samples and tasks

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Mathematics Assessment Project - Assessing 21st Century Math

The project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US Schools in implementing the CCSS in Mathematics.  **Use drop down to select grade band.

Features include:

  • Overview of the project (Link)
  • Lessons (Link)
  • Mathematical Tasks (Link)
  • Assessment Samples (Link) 

Other Math Links and Resources  


  • Vocabulary in Common Core Mathematics (Link)

  • MAISD Math Wiki (Link)

  • CCSS for Math LiveBinder - Credit:  Danielle Seabold, Schoolcraft (Link)

  • NCTM Illuminations Math (Link)
  • Inside Mathematics (Link)

  • North Carolina Math Unpacking Standards website for CCSS (Link)

  • K-5 Math Teaching Resources (Link)

  • Balanced Assessment Task 3-5 (Link)

  • K-8 Understanding Subitizing in Math (Link)

  • K-8 NCTM – Math Focal Points (Link)

  • K-6 Fraction Worksheets (Link)



  • Developing Effective Fractions Instruction (Link)

  • Developing Effective Fractions Instruction Visual (Link)

  • National Math Panel:  Foundations for Algebra Visual (Link)

  • National Math Panel:  Major Topics of School Algebra Visual (Link)

  • Response to Interventions Elementary and Middle School Math Visual (Link)