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Letter to OV Parents


February 19, 2015

Dear OV Parents:

February is generally the month we start to see warmer temperatures and melting snow.  Unfortunately, this is not the case this month.  Sometimes weather conditions are difficult to predict especially if the bad weather is anticipated to arrive later in a school day. The decision to cancel school generally occurs in the early morning of the cancelled day. Occasionally we have enough information from the Michigan State Police and the National Weather Service to cancel school the night before providing time for parents to make arrangements for the day school is closed.

The next few days are predicted to be very cold with varying winds.  The National Weather Service has provided a guide for schools to consider when making weather related decisions.  Several variables factor into these decisions. In the event the temperature reaches below -20 degrees Fahrenheit, schools will likely close or have a delayed start.  Safety of our students and staff will always be in the forefront of a school closing decision. It is definitely winter in West Michigan. Educating our students is our mission and cold, wintery days come along with the challenge. Please bundle kids in layers as the next few days promise to be unseasonably cold.

Thank you for your continued understanding. More information about closing school can be found on the Orchardview.org website under the ‘Inclement Weather’ link.


Pat Walstra, Superintendent


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