License Renewal

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Educator Certification/ Licensure/Renewal

A great place to start is by viewing the updated (May 2015) Teacher Certification pamphlet created by OAISD and MAISD. A valuable resource summarizing credit, DPPD, SCECHs, certificate renewals, and advancements. 

All renewals take place through MOECS.

SCECH Program

The SCECH program provides educators with credit for participating in traditional and non-traditional professional development activities.  The SCECH homepage at MDE is a useful resource.

The MAISD SCECH Page provides a useful presentation outlining changes to the SCECH process.

DPPD Program

Reinterpretation - May 14, 2015
The Michigan Department of Education announced on 5/14/15 that the group of educators that may use District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) to renew and advance certain certificate types has expanded. The linked DPPD updates are a useful resource

DPPD may not be used for the renewal of Provisional Certificates.

Renewing A Provisional Certificate

A great resource for Renewing a Provisional Certificate or Progressing from a Provisional Certificate to a Professional Certificate can be found on the Kent ISD website.

Section 380.1526 of Michigan’s Revised School Code requires school districts to provide fifteen days of professional development to new teachers across the first three years of their employment (aligned with the individual development plan and mentor’s advice).  These records are kept in the central office and entered annually into the Registry of Educational Personnel during the first three years.

Useful Links

Word DocumentDPPD Record for Certificate Renewal

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