Orchard View Transportation Department

The Orchard View Transportation office is located in the Administration Office at 
35 S. Sheridan Drive, Muskegon, MI 49442

Transportation Director         Kim Bidwell       231.760.1330
Administrative Assistant       Deanna Tottingham    231.760.1330  


TRANSPORTATION FORM (only need to update when needed or new request)


Our Transportation Department has been working within the guidelines of our Return to Learn Plan as it relates to transporting students. A big change this year will be that all students will have to be registered in order to ride a bus. There will be a form that parents will fill out as a process of registration at the buildings. It will be required for the parent to indicate whether they will need transportation or not.  This form is necessary to ensure that we have the most accurate information when we work on bus routes for the upcoming school year.

Students eligible for busing are allowed one designated pick up/drop off location only. This arrangement must be on a regularly scheduled Monday-Friday basis. Students must board and exit the bus at their assigned bus stop only. If your student(s) will need transportation to or from a daycare provider or location other than home, please complete the alternate pick up/drop off location on the transportation registration form.

Bus stop locations and routes are reviewed each year. This means that bus stop locations and bus routes may be changed to become more efficient and fiscally responsible. Bus stop locations are established in accordance with State and Federal laws, school board policies, guidelines and best practices. Bus routes will be posted at all school buildings and on the district's website approximately one week prior to the start of school. Parents of special needs students will be contacted by the school bus driver prior to the start of school with pick up and drop off times.


  • Make sure your child arrives at the correct bus stop at least ten minutes prior to bus arrival time and are ready to board the bus.  (NOT waiting in a vehicle or doorway of a house)
  • Provide your child with a face covering for the ride to and from school and while at the bus stop.
  • Provide necessary protection for your child when going to and from the bus stop and while at the bus stop.
  • Accept responsibility for proper conduct of your child while at the bus stop and on the bus.
  • Make sure students are dressed appropriately for the weather while waiting at the bus stop.

Due to the high number of students eligible to ride the buses, School of Choice Students will NOT be allowed to ride the buses for the first two weeks to ensure there is adequate seating available for all eligible students.  After this time, you may contact the Transportation Department to see if there is room for your school of choice student to go to an existing bus stop to ride the bus.

The district does not issue passes to students allowing them to ride a bus other than the one currently scheduled. This is for the safety of our riders and will ensure each student has a seat on his/her scheduled bus.

If you have questions, the Transportation Department can be reached at 231-760-1330.


Kim Bidwell

Director of Transportation