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As the nation’s most widely used college admission test, the SAT is the first step toward higher education for students of all backgrounds. It’s taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities. When used in combination with high school GPA, SAT scores are shown to be the best predictors of a student’s potential to succeed in college. The SAT covers core content areas deemed essential for success in college — reading, mathematics, and writing and language. The SAT provides a powerful connection to college. In addition, every junior or senior who takes the SAT using a fee waiver will receive four college application fee waivers directly from the College Board.

The redesigned SAT focuses on the few durable things that evidence show matter most for college and career readiness, and reflects the work that students do in classrooms across Michigan and the country. Michigan students will find questions modeled on the work of their best classroom teachers and will perform tasks similar to ones they practice in rigorous course work.

Eight Key Changes to the SAT

Learn more about these changes here.

  • Relevant words in context
  • Essay analyzing a source
  • Focus on math that matters most
  • Command of evidence  
  • Problems grounded in real-world contexts
  • Analysis in science and in history/social science
  • Founding documents and great global conversation
  • No penalty for wrong answers