Schools of Choice Information

Application for the Schools of Choice for 2024-2025 school year is available between May 1st and May 30th, 2024.  After reviewing the following information, the application can be accessed by clicking on this LINK which will only be accessible between May 1-30, 2024.

We also recommend that you click on the link below to review the information from the MAISD regarding the Collaborative Schools of Choice Program.
External LinkSchools of Choice - MAISD



Attend consistently

Time Management and Quality of Work

Consistently be prepared for class
Manage time wisely and participate in class
No late or missing assignments

Respect for Others and School

Consistently demonstrate respect for others in both word and deed

Student Handbook

Follow all rules and regulations described in the Student Handbook
Follow Student Dress Guidelines (please see Student Handbook)

Strive to Achieve



Attend parent/teacher conferences

Support your student by assisting with school work and participating in school related activities

Have your student to school on time

Students should be at their bus stop ten (10) minutes before their scheduled pick up

If driving your student to and from school, arrive on time and pick them up within 15 minutes of the end of the school day

For further questions regarding Schools of Choice at Orchard View Schools, please call (231) 760-1300.


Schools of Choice

The Collaborative Schools of Choice Plan is a plan that offers parents and students a choice to attend other public schools in Muskegon County outside of their district of residence. Read the information from the MAISD by clicking on the link below. 

External LinkMAISD Collaborative Schools of Choice Plan

Athletic Policy

Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) rules and regulations apply to all students participating in interscholastic athletics.
Under the MHSAA transfer policy, high school students who transfer by choice from one school to another will not be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for one full semester.

Transportation Policy

Parents and guardians are responsible for transporting choice students to and from their choice school.