1st Grade Screeners (Assessments)

Language Arts

  • DIBELS 8
  • i-Ready = This assessment provides an educational classification in order to determine how best to support your child's learning
  • IDI (Informational Decoding Inventory) = This assessment targets specific areas within the components of reading
    1. Short Vowel (CVC  "cat"  "run"  "sit")
    2. Consonant Blends & Diagraphs ("bl"  "sh")
    3. r-Controlled Vowel Patterns ("ar"  "er")
    4. Vowel-Consonant-e (CVCe  "cake"  "note")
    5. Vowel Teams ("ea"  "ee"  "oa"  "oo")
    6. Multisyllabic Words ("sunny"  "cookie")
  • Lowercase Letters (Fall only)
  • Sounds (Fall only)
  • Uppercase Letters (Fall only)

Not currently being used as as assessment but important to work on at home


  • Bridges
    1. Adding Subtracting Using Numbers 0 to 10
    2. Adding Subtracting Using Numbers 0 to 20

Screener (Assessment) Dates